Word Paintings

Fast and Pointy 

He Was Drunk And Mama Went And Got Him

All An Act 

This Girl Starts Freakin Out
We Were Partyin At The Lake And This Girl Starts Freakin Out

Cave Of The Unconscious
Uh, I'm Lookin' For The Archaic Cave Of The Unconscious

Here Comes Mr. Know-It-All 

Advertisement for Myself 

Ain't Tellin Ain't Askin 

Alabama Mofo 

All That Fake Laughin for Nothin 

Tractor Pullin Sexxx
Always New And Now American Tractor Pullin Sexxx

A Real Nobody 

Are You a Boy or a Girl 

Artificial Cherry Flavor 

Aw Cmon 


Beauty is Embarrassin'! 

Big Thing 


Boo Fuckin Hoo 

But All Things Fell 

But It Is And I Am So They Wont 

Buttered Up and Dumbed Down 

Can Ya Fix It So My Stuff Looks Good?

City's Core 


Date Mate Sate Grate 

Dick Jokes from Sherman Oaks 



Doctor Purism 

and Paintin Masterpieces
Doin Movie Stars and Paintin Masterpieces

Donald Judd 


Drop the Country Boy Act 

Dude or Chick 

Eastern Fuckit 

Ego Bingo 

Emotional Maturity 

Emotional Recreation 

Navajo Blanket
Enough Hair On My Ass To Weave a Navajo Blanket


Eyes in the Mud 

Failed Abstract Paintings of the Seventies

Fancy Talk 


Fast Food 

First Time My Hero Repeated ?? 

Fraid So 

Fried Chicken 

Fuck You 

Giant Snail 

Gone To Town and Fakin It 

Without You
Good Looking People Having Fun Without You

Hatchin Gator 

Heinies n' Shooters w/Hotties at Hooters

Honest Artists 

Honesty Integrity In Every Picture 

Honey Wheres My Learnin Books 

Hot Shots and Know-It-Alls 

Hotties 24-7 

Human Fuckin Knowledge 

I Ain't Crazy 

I Blame LA 

Ice Machine 

I'm With Stupid 

Fucking Head
I'll Smash This Painting Over Your Fucking Head

I Love The Whole Fucking World 

I'm Tired of Language 

Way Down Here
I Took Off Work and Came All The Way Down Here

Who Don
Im Afraid Theres Some Folks Here Who Don't Believe A Word Yer Saying

I'm Lost on a Spaceship Momma 


I'm Stuck In My Own Thing 

LA You Fuckin Bitch 

My Jaw Drops Everytime 

I Look At Something Pretty 

Lots of Vague Ideas 


Luv Hurtz 

Local Whores 

Marcel Duchamp is a Big French Fag 

Richly Deserve
Maybe Now I'll Get The Respect I So Richly Deserve



Mr. Wonderful 

My Exudate Lacks Effluvium 

Nascar Tit Shirt 



Nobody Noze 

Nobody Noze 

Nobody Rides For Free 

Norman Rockwell 

Not All There 

Not So Fast Mr. Artist 

Now It Is 

No You Cmon 

Numb Nutz 


Be Mocked—Forgotten
Painting That Came to Life Only to Be Mocked—Forgotten

Perfect Game 


Pitiless Purity Dude 


Right Wrong 

Run Down to Your Momma's 

Same Thing Over and Over 

Sea of Time 


Sensitive Souls 


Sexy Painters 

Shes Like Hes All 

Shit Like That 

Shot in the Valley 

Shout Out 

Shrug or Sulk 

Sittin There All Proud of Yerself 


Sleeping In Mts 

With This One
So, It Looks Like You Just Guessed With This One

Some Guy I Dunno 


Speed Meaning 

Dont Do Shit
Spose To Do This Spose To Do That Dont Do Shit


Still Life 

Sugar and Bullshit 

Sugar Tit 

Summer Home 

Void and Get the Hell Out
Take Your Forms Wrestled from the Void and Get the Hell Out

Tell Me You Love Me 

Tennessee Cave Water 


That Art Shit Cuts 

The Artist Crosses His Fingers 

The Big Dangerous Baby 

The Good Parts 

The Lost Diet 

The Most Expensive Painting in the World

The User Upper Motherfucker 

The Wrong Question Asker 

Never Will
The You Just Don't Get It and You Never Will

Thems Some Sad Pictures Mister 

The Overproduced 2nd Album 

The Sound of Cutting Slack 

They're Onto You 

Those Guys Are Pussies 

Three Points of View 


Too Long at the Fair 

Topless Dragstrip Race Riot 

Tossed Off Crap 

Vampire Girl 

The Vanity of Stuff 

Whats This Suckass Shit
Walks Into a Beck Concert and Says Whats This Suckass Shit

Wash Me 

We Hid It in the Woods 

We Never Close 

The Bottom—A Glint of Shiny Meaning
We Peered Down Its Dark Layers To The Bottom—A Glint of Shiny Meaning

We Laugh at Meaning 

Western Saloon 

Naive His Way Into Their Hearts?
What He Thinks He's Gonna Faux Naive His Way Into Their Hearts?


Ya Big Dumbass 

You Betta Dont 

You'd Think 

Your Lameass Theory 

You're Boring The Shit Outta Me 

You're Just Agreeing With Me So I'll Shut Up